Hello! My name is Fynn and I'm a Digital Media graduate based in Bremen.

Data Engineering

I work with databases like MongoDB or MySQL using SQL, Python, Java and JavaScript. My applications involve connecting to the databases and querying data.

Data Analytics

I analyse data sets using Jupyter Notebooks and RStudio. Besides plots containing meaningful information, I create interactive dashboards using IBM Cognos Analytics.

Data Science

I build predictive models using Python and Jupyter Notebooks. For example, in a semester project with AXA, I predicted defaulting loan payments by customers.

Fynn Linus kölling

About Me

I’m a 23-year-old Digital Media graduate with a focus on Media Computer Science at the University of Bremen. 


Assembler, C++, CSS, HTML, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, R, SQL and UE4 Blueprints 


Data Mining / Predictive Modelling / Neural Networks
Unreal Engine 4
Virtual Reality Applications / Videos / Photos
Websites and Databases