Mars Marine

Unreal Engine 4 Project – Showcase Visual Scripting (Blueprint) with focus on object-oriented programming

following the course „Unreal Engine Blueprint Developer: Learn Visual Scripting“ on last visited 09.06.2020 16:09

Materials and Static Meshes are course assets


Keyboard and Mouse

  • Control the Pawn with W,A,S,D
  • Aim with Mouse
  • Fire with Left Mouse Button
  • Press Escape Ingame to Pause Game


  • Control the Pawn with Left Thumbstick
  • Aim with Right Thumbstick
  • Fire with Right Trigger

Mars_Marine_Project: Project Files (.uproject)

Editor Startup Map: „Mars“

Blueprints containing amongst other things:

  • Custom Pawn BP_Marine
    • Damage System for and through AI
    • Line Tracing Weapon System
    • Controls for Keyboard / Mouse and Gamepad
  • AI BP_Alien
    • Damge System for and through Pawn
    • Follow and Attack System
  • Wave System implemented in „BP_MarsMarine_GameMode“
  • Animation Blueprints under Characters – [Character] – Animations
    • Blended Poses
    • State Machines
  • UI
    • Menu System
    • HUD

WindowsNoEditor: Application (.exe) for Win64 (Controls see above)

Clone or download the repository below: